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George Adams

George Adams retired from MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. in 1997 having served as Vice President of Transportation and President and C.E.O. of Canadian Transport Company Limited where his responsibilities included all marine and land transport activities.

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Peter Bernard

Peter's practice includes all aspects of maritime law including collision, salvage, oil pollution, marine insurance, cargo and passenger carriage as well as commercial matters such as purchases, sales and financing of vessels.

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Steen Boskov

Steen has over 35 years of Senior Management experience in international shipping, chartering and vessel operating as well as materials handling.

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Peter Boucher

Peter Boucher Senior Vice-President, Marine Manager Willis Vancouver Peter Boucher has 33 years experience in all aspects of marine insurance.

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John W.A. Bromley

John’s practice encompasses all aspects of maritime law and marine insurance, with a particular emphasis on dispute resolution.

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John Bowkett


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Colleen Joan Cattell

Colleen Cattell obtained her law degree from the University of Victoria in 1985 and was called to the bar in 1986. Her legal practice focuses on commercial and construction litigation and professional negligence claims.

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Shelley Chapelski

Shelley's practice encompasses all aspects of maritime law, including maritime torts, creditor's remedies and marine insurance matters. She also drafts and advises on contracts of carriage, moorage contracts,...

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Nils Daugulis

Nils Daugulis has over 30 years experience in the practice of International Maritime Law as a litigation lawyer acting for major ship owners, charterers, international insurers of shipping and shipping interests generally.

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Kenneth Dean


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Edmund G. Ellis


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Doreen Egger


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Bonnie Fulton

Bonnie Fulton is Customer Service Representative with Swire Shipping’s WCNA Service in Vancouver.  Her background includes Deep Sea Transportation Senior Administration Managerial positions...

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Christopher Giaschi

Chris is the National Vice-President and a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Maritime law Association. He is also a Titular member of the Comite Maritime International and an adjunct Professor of Maritime Law at the University of British Columbia (2004 - Present).

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Al Grimston

Retired Past President and CEO, Anglo Canadian Shipping Company, Vancouver.
Attended University of British Columbia, Commerce Faculty.
Graduate of Banff School of Advanced Management.

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Christopher Harvey, Q.C.

Chris Harvey, Q.C., was raised in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. He worked during seven consecutive summer seasons fishing halibut in offshore B.C. waters, the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. 

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William Jones


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Robert Kitching


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David Lloyd

David Lloyd is a consultant and software executive based in Vancouver, B.C. He has enjoyed a career of over 25 years in managerial roles in deep-sea shipping and maritime related information technology.

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Robert Margolis


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Bert McAnerin


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Casey McCawley


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J. J. McIntyre

JJ has wide experience in maritime law having represented as counsel - docks, stevedores, supercargoes, shipyards, freight forwarders, trucking companies, material service providers, charterers and their respective insurers.

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Barry Oland

Barry Oland practices maritime and transportation law in British Columbia and across Canada. He acts for marine insurers and cargo owners in cargo related disputes.

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Adam Parry-Wingfield

Adam’s career spans more than 20 years in the marine insurance business. After graduating in 1990, he spent 7 years in the Lloyd’s market focusing on Marine Liability and P&I placements for global clients

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Dennis Pong

Dennis started his career in Hong Kong in 1976 as an Average Adjusters specializing in marine hull, liability and general average claims. He has wrk experiences is London, Seattle, Shanghai and Vancouver.

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Daryl Raibl

Daryl is the General Manager of CTL Westrans and has thirty years experience as a shipbroker/dry cargo chartering agent. He handles voyage charters, time charters, single cargoes...

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J. David Read

David is an Independent Marine Consultant for Pitcairn Enterprises Ltd. He rose to the role of Chief Officer over twelve years of global general cargo trades. David then came ashore and took the role of Assistant Marine Superintendent

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Kenneth Rorison

Incorporated in British Columbia February, 1981 – In excess of 7000 files opened to-date for pleasure and commercial vessels for purchase, damage, insurance, appraisals/valuations and supervision of conversions/repairs/refits/restorations/new construction

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Don Rose

Don has over 40 years in the BC Tow-Boat industry. Don Served thirty six years as a Tow-Boat Master CDN H.T 350.

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Douglas Schmitt

Doug Schmitt practices in all areas of maritime, admiralty and transportation law including commercial and marine insurance disputes. He has extensive courtroom experience at trial and appellate levels.

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William M. Sharpe

William Sharpe has an independent practice in maritime and transportation law and marine policy and regulatory development. He has assisted the progress of ships’ life cycles from naval architects...

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Alex Smith


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Murray L. Smith

Mr. Smith has extensive experience in commercial litigation and arbitration. He is currently a barrister practising in Vancouver. His practice includes international commercial...

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Kaity Stein


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Peter Swanson

Peter Swanson is a lawyer practicing in Vancouver in the field of maritime law. He routinely acts for P&I insurers, vessel owners and charterers. He has extensive litigation experience before all levels of court....

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Michael Tselentis


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Geoffrey Vale

Captain Geoffrey Vale has 18 years experience deep sea sailing, 34 years Marine Surveying and Nautical Inspection and has also worked for the Department of Transport, Canada.

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Peter Leckie Wright

Peter Wright has been involved in the insurance industry in British Columbia for 64 years. He has been active in every aspect of the Marine and General Insurance field throughout

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John P. Young

Assistant Vice President – Chartering & Operations Department
Fairmont Shipping (Canada) Limited, Vancouver, BC

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